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Where where to buy phentermine hydrochloride to buy phentermine weight loss pills that you can legally buy in Australia, but if you are not sure which pills to buy. In order to have the strongest and widest product variety, we are proud to ship phentermine pill packets worldwide via EMS free of charge. Most our shipments are made by Australia Post with tracking numbers that provide you with a full picture of your package whenever it is within Australia. Sometimes packages may be sent by the same companies in order to reduce the price of postage. For example, we are able to send many packets the USA with tracking by FedEx, but where to buy phentermine in uk in some cases we also need to contact the postal company have tracking information. In this case, your package will be shipped by USPS (United States Postal Service) with tracking information that are available through their website. Our customers can also buy tracking, but this is the only way that we can guarantee a delivery time. How do I get free shipping on phentermine pills? We currently offer Australia Post free of charge as the only means by which you can receive an order containing phentermine pills. If you want an order shipping with no fees, you should specify that during the checkout. This option is only available to those who choose shop with us for business. Please note, that if you choose to skip this option, your order and tracking information will be held with our vendor until it returns to us in Australia. Our shipping rates are as follows: 2 pcs (2 = pcs, please do not mix pcs into each other, otherwise you will not get the full 4 pills) shipped by Australia Post for free 4 pcs (4 = pcs, please do NOT mix pcs into each other, otherwise you will not get the full 4 pills) shipped by Australia Post for free How long will it take? If you are not physically present for our shipment in Australia, it will be shipped within 1–4 business days of receipt and confirmation payment. If you have chosen to tracking, this will also be sent as soon your order is received. To ensure your order gets you as quickly possible, we advise that you place your order within 2 days of when it becomes available for shipment by us. The shipping cost to your country is listed before you proceed to pay for your order. Depending on the destination country, shipping cost may be higher or lower than listed above. Therefore, you must double-check the shipping cost once you have completed your order as we cannot be held liable for incorrect shipping charges. How much is shipping from Australia? Shipping from Australia is FREE. So long as you have not specified an order destination, your will be sent to the nearest shipping point when you check out after placing your order via livechat. Australia Post also offers express delivery to most destinations in Australia, which will incur a flat rate of A$0.00, as opposed to the A$19.95 that it cost us to ship your order from Australia on the same day our website. Please note that you are able to choose express delivery (in which case it will cost A$24.95). These charges are to cover the additional freight fees incurred by Australia Post when sending packages via express with a single-way service to your final destination. How long does it take for shipping to arrive? In most cases shipping takes 4–5 business days from the time your payment is completed to the time we receive your package. There will be some delays to your shipment as packages undergo customs clearance at the sending countries. Please note that there is no tracking for your packages, thus you must ensure that are expecting your package. If you would like to have tracking on your package, you can upgrade at the time of checkout. How do I pick my order up from Australia Post? To pick up your package, you must follow these instructions at the time of placing your order during check out at least one business day before your package arrives to the post office. We hope that you will be able to enjoy the products and be able to rest assured that you have received the products at price paid with a fast delivery time. How long do I have to wait before my order arrives in Australia? Your order will arrive on average 10 business days after being cleared by Australia Post. Why did you charge us AUD $20 for shipping? Your order will be shipped to you within a few days after it is paid for, however shipping generally takes approximately 5–20 working days from our receiving the order, depending on destination country and time of year. Once your order gets to the destination country and is in their customs system, we cannot guarantee that your package will be delivered in 1–21 business days without extra effort. Why is my package taking so long? Your order will be delivered to your address within A few days of you placing a order.
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