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Adipex and topamax for weight loss. The studies also found that most of the weight lost with diet and exercise is gained back. "While our studies showed diets work, the gains you feel from dieting are quite small," he said. "People don't realize that when they diet, are losing a lot of fat in one go and then a lot of fat comes back." Some experts, however, have disputed the findings of studies. Dr. Robert Atkins, who first popularized the Atkins diet and was widely known for promoting what was touted as a "cleaner" version of the diet, questioned methodology studies, which may have been too small. "The biggest problem is that most of the studies are very small. They have smaller sample sizes and they're not of very high quality. They're also not Buy adipex online for cheap randomized controlled trials," he told CNN. "I suspect that many of the findings would be same if it were conducted using more rigorous, big long-term, observational studies and not that are short-term." Despite the criticism, Atkins does not doubt the importance of dieting to weight-loss success. "My diet is as good anyone's and there's no doubt it works," he said, adding that doesn't "feel sorry for myself" his success. "If I was eating like those in the studies -- and not being smart, disciplined enough, careful enough -- I'd be a different person," he said. But he cautions against dieting to excess. "At some point, you're going to feel tired, be sore, your hair will fall out, skin look awful and you will probably have a lot of trouble gaining back the pounds you've lost," he said. "But I have a message for every dieter: Don't diet the sake of dieting." And Dr. Atkins believes it is possible to stay healthy while dieting. "The only diet that I advise with caution, or against, is the one you will have on the way back after you've lost an amount of weight that is going to bring your blood best drugstore bronzer canada sugar levels way down," he said. "There is no known way that your body can adapt. If you do have a serious problem, you are going to lose body mass, you are going to stop eating, you will be sick, may develop all sorts of diseases that you have never even thought of. It is not for the weak of will." More research needed, says expert Experts are still divided on the topic. On the one hand, study published last year in JAMA Internal Medicine found that weight loss among obese adults may be associated with an improved cardiovascular profile. But another recent report in the International Journal of Obesity concluded that weight change may not have any positive impact on health. Some other research projects in Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom have found that weight loss isn't necessarily associated with better health. But Dr. Hall, the medical expert, insists there needs adipex diet pills order online to be more research determine exactly what impact dieting has on weight loss. "A lot of these findings are not very well designed. Even the meta-analysis that I used by the Institute of Medicine, not one by a Canadian research group, not this meta-analysis, a lot of the studies this meta-analysis looked at people who were obese long term, which is not the population we typically work with," he said. "There is not much evidence that weight loss is an indicator of health."
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