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Buying adderall from a friend of Adderall uk prescription mine. I only did it in 2 days of my 30 day notice, and i got a 10mg tab for $12, but i think would never have done it if i'd known that was going to be a $50 tab. I am not a recreational drug user, just the occasional "up early for work" type. I didn't even notice the speed-balls, like i said, didn't realize what was actually getting to, i just thought was getting to speed-balls and that was that. I only had one or two of what i assume are street pills (the ones without the white caps, from online shops) when it hit me, and i don't think went back for the rest of tabs. I was never one to turn in a tab. I usually take 2 tabs and pills to make the trip even better. Anecdotally, i don't think the street tablets are any different that the street "speedballs" (i just want to avoid the name confusion). street tablets are probably still as potent the street speedballs (i believe). If i had more access to the street tablets, i would keep them around and take once during my entire trip (if i got to go). If did not have any access to the street tablets, I would likely have a different decision to make. -------------------- I t d o e s n ' t m a e r w h t i n k o f y u. A l t h m e r s i c l e a n s p w Post Extras: I believe the powder pill would be better at first, though, the capsule seems to be more appealing. I also do a lot more research and would like to learn what the effects are on "average" users, though. I would guess its about 3 days buying adderall from a dealer of mild tolerance, though. I see that the average trip lasts a little more than 2 days, though, so no big surprise there. I would also need to be a habitual pill taker, but I do keep it to 2 tabs (2 and a dose for the trip). I do not take anything else other than a little coffee with it for caffeine, but then its not "drugs", it's pretty much a caffeine pill. For the most part though, I would say it is a mild stimulant/sedative, which interesting. It would probably actually be better to take caffeine pills for the initial half of trip, but it is still a moderately stimulant. I think, after the first 2 days, it is probably not worth buy generic adderall uk to take more than 1 pill, and 2 tabs or so is the next best thing. "Life buying adderall online is like an onion. No matter how you slice it, you're still going to get the same goddamn thing. You can't avoid what you're born doing." -Roland Emmerich, Menace II Society This isn't a fad, its human nature. Quote: PsychedelicJunkie said: I take the speed balls with a few tabs of lsd in the morning. It works as well, however, I had a couple of bad trips and found myself going off on tangents that ended poorly. One went for a week and I even considered taking my own life. So it does not work for me. Maybe if I took the lsd with speed balls, I would not have had the trips that I ended in suicide attempts. I'm a slow guy, to be honest, the 3-5 tabs a day really doesn't work for me. I'd rather just take 4 tabs and 1 speedball a day. Just not as strong, or pleasant for me. I think the speedball is pretty much as strong the lsd, though speedball is weaker on the stomach... All creatures tremble when faced with tyranny. All creatures fear death, even the most pathetic. I would say the average trip lasts a little more than 2 days, though, so no big surprise there. That's interesting to see... I assume there could be a whole spectrum of dosage, like 10m and 20m how you feel that day. From my experience, i take 10m and usually can do 3-4 tabs. I would probably just do 2 tabs if I got a rush from it. I think for most people, 10m isn't even enough, i took.
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